We love giving every dancer the chance to shine on stage! Everyone from our tiniest Little Star to our seasoned Superstars gets the opportunity to perform. 

Christmas Spectacular 

This is our annual Christmas show. Each day of the week has their own show. We sing carols, eat gingerbread and mince pies, and showcase our Christmas dances. It's a wonderful Christmassy event and every year we support a local charity, as we think it is so important to give back at Christmas. Previously we have donated Christmas dinner to local food banks, raised money for Great Ormond Street's 'Never Far Away' fund and donated toys and PJs to the womens' refuge. 

Bi-Annual Summer Show

This is the big one, with costumes, a fun theme, beautiful lights, and professional photos and videos. Our big Summer show is such fun

and a wonderful event, creating memories they will treasure for years to come. We adore our Summer show but understand it can

be an expense, so we do a big show every two years. 

Every year, our show has a different theme. Some of our previous themes have been :

- Spectrum - Songs involving colours 

- Timewarp - Dancing through time

- At The Movies - Songs from films

- Once Upon A Fairy Tale - Songs from storybooks 

- Favourite Things - Dances inspired by our dancers' favourite things