Exams are a chance for our dancers to get recognition for their hard work and progress as they work through the grades. Taking exams highlights the new skills they have learned and rewards them with a beautiful plaque, rosette or pin, along with their certificate. Our IDTA exams are optional and open to every dancer. We run two exam sessions a year: one in the Summer term and one in the Winter term. 

The IDTA is an internationally recognised exam board for dance. Once dancers are 4yrs old and above, they start working towards their IDTA examinations in Ballet, Jazz and Musical Theatre. Our dancers aged 1 - 4years old work towards their Little Stars awards, which is our fun sticker book award system. 

Below we have listed a little bit about the exams each class take and what they include. All exams are optional. 

Our Little Stars sticker book syllabus is our informal exam for our 1-4 year old dancers. The syllabus was designed so that they also get that sense of achievement and recognition by collecting a sticker to put in their book every week. They can also colour in each of the characters that highlight core dance skills.  When they collect all their stickers, they get a beautiful rosette and certificate! There are 4 rosettes to collect. 

Our Sparklers take their first IDTA exams in Ballet & Jazz. These are called Rosette exams and they are the perfect starter exam as the teacher can go in and dance with them! When they pass their exam, they get a beautiful banner with their name on and a coloured rosette. 

Our Shooting Stars progress to their Stardance Awards and Grades. The Stardance exams get them a lovely plaque, which they add to with each level they pass. The graded examinations earn them a lovely certificate and badge.  

Our Superstars keep working through the grades and also do their Bronze, Silver and Gold medals in Ballet, Jazz and Musical Theatre. 

We Have A 100% Pass Rate