Up In Lights Dance Academy

Where Everyone's a Star!




Every Friday


Urc hall, Little Baddow Road, Danbury, CM3 4NS


Baby Sparklers






Shooting Star









Every Tuesday


Tiptree URC Hall

Chapel Road

Tiptree, Essex,



Baby Sparklers






Shooting Star





Every Saturday


Maldon Court Preparatory School, Silver Street, Maldon, CM9 4QE


Baby Sparklers










Shooting Stars

12- 1.30pm







Frequently Asked Questions.


Here are some of the most common questions we get asked. If there is anything else you wish to know please contact us :).



Why should I pick Up In Lights Dance Academy ?

We want to be more than just where your child learns to dance. We want to be somewhere that your child will love coming week after week, where they will grow, become more confident and create memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. As well as becoming beautiful, strong dancers ready to take on the world.


How do I know my child will be safe ?

Safety is paramount at UILDA! Every member of staff is DBS checked (the new CRB) and is Paediatric First Aid trained.

We will also ask you for a security word that anyone not on your 'who can collect my child' list will be asked for, so they will not be sent home without us knowing that they are safe.


What is the Uniform ?

Baby Sparklers, Sparklers, Shooting stars and Super Stars will need :

- Black/ pink leotard -thick straps, runched front

- Soft ballet shoes -pink

- Ballet tights - pink/ white/ nude

Optional extras- UILDA T-shirt, Ballet practise skirt(pink or black).


Shooting Stars and Super Stars will also need:

Black Jazz pants and Jazz shoes.


Can I stay in class and watch my child?

No, from our experience I child will settle into a classroom environment quicker and enjoy the class more if dancing is there soul focus. There is usually a foyer so you can have a sneaky peak through the window. The only exception is sometimes at the end of class you will be invited in to see what we have been working on.


Do you do Shows?

Yes we like to give our students as many opportunities to perform as possible. However we will never force a student to perform if they don't want to.


Do you do Exams?

Yes we are with the IDTA exam board. When they are entered for an exam however is at the discretion of the teacher. We will NEVER enter a child for an exam we know they will fail.


Do you do Competitions?

Yes we love to give our dancers as many opportunities to perform and work as a team! We compete as a team as well as in small groups.Competition give a dance such a confidence boost as well as giving them the oppertunity to meet and be inspired by other dancers.

Do I have to pay for missed weeks?

Yes, it wouldn't be fair on the students that pay termly/ monthly if we didn't charge for missed weeks. However you can book off up to 4 weeks holiday a year but it must be booked off, at the start of the term.